Corporate Christmas Party Success Tips!

If you wish to have that dream corporate Christmas party, you will sometimes need to plan a few months to one year prior to the big day, since any successful corporate event needs quite a bit of effort and organization. It is best not to leave it to the last minute, like the Christmas shopping, as you would not like to leave anything to chance and corporate event venues can book out 1-2 years in advance. Here are a few tips to make your corporate Christmas party successful:

  • To begin with, you must decide on the type of event that suits you company or organization. Will you have a drink reception, music, a sit-down meal with servers and entertainment afterwards? What is your vision for the corporate Christmas party and does the budget allow for every detail? How many people will attend?
  • Once you have worked out attendance and vision, the most important decision is the venue of the party. You must book your venue of choice well in advance, as many corporate venues book out a year or more in advance. Think outside the box as well, there numerous more interesting locations than just a hotel, consider country manor houses, castles, train stations and art museums, these are all unexpected and unique choices of venue.
  • The wonderful thing about choosing an exciting corporate venue is that it will be done up in a festive mood, usually with an elegant Christmas tree and matching décor, this truly sets the holiday mood and adds to the fun and frolic.

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  • Next comes the task of working out the guest list and RSVP’s. Knowing the number of guests will enable you to decide how much food you need, keeping you on budget. Requiring confirmation of attendance will help the caterers and event planners correctly determine food and drink, while avoiding unwanted gatecrashers barging into the corporate Christmas party.
  • Once you have finalized the guest list, send the invitations out quickly. Guests will have many holiday parties and commitments during the season, so you want to provide them enough time to plan their holiday schedule.
  • Entertainment also needs to be carefully planned well in advance. Will you hire a professional DJ and keep the guests dancing all night, will you use a piano player or string quartet, allowing people mix and mingle, or perhaps you will do a combination of both? Piano and string quartet for arrival and drinks, DJ after dinner? All these options need to be booked in advance, does your budget allow for these entertainment costs?
  • This is the holiday season, when people like to splurge on food and keep all plans of dieting in abeyance till the New Year. Make sure to do a tasting with you catering choices and speak with them about their corporate Christmas party experience, you wouldn’t want to choose a company who has never managed food for 1000+ plus size event if you’re having a large event or they might have some fun and interesting ideas about the food, to spice it up and take the menu outside the box! Make sure you ask a lot of questions and taste everything!
  • Lastly, make sure people thoroughly enjoy themselves!


The tips given above, can surely help you organize your corporate Christmas party as if it was a cake walk. And of course, the mistletoes are not to be forgotten!

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