Intimate Destination Weddings; Is This Right for You?


What exactly does ‘intimate destination weddings’ mean?  Well, this is the term used for weddings which take place in a desired location which is away from the bride and grooms’ home town.  The wedding ceremony and reception are held in a location where everyone (including all guests) must travel to get to the wedding.

Choosing an intimate destination for your wedding is probably the most important wedding planning decision you will make.  After all, the location of intimate destination weddings dictate many factors of the wedding, including the cost.  For example, many people are now opting for romantic, fairytale or exotic locations to get married, and if you and your guests have to travel to the other side of the world to get to your dream wedding destination, then it can require saving smartly for the big day and budgeting wisely.

Intimate destination weddings are certainly growing in popularity!  While there are still many couples who go down the traditional route of getting married in a church followed by a reception in a banquet hall, there is no doubt that a destination wedding is a new and upcoming trend with couples wanting to tie the knot. Intimate Destination Weddings, top locations for destination weddings, best wedding destination locations , the best destination wedding locations, good destination wedding locations, beautiful destination wedding locations, best locations for a destination wedding

Why are intimate destination weddings so popular?

Well, one reason is that they mean a vacation for everyone involved in the wedding and not just a honeymoon for the bride and groom.  Intimate destination weddings tend to only include immediate family and friends, but some couples will have friends, family and a large wedding party traveling with them – “intimate” depends on what you, as a couple, want.  Intimate destination weddings are also popular with people getting married for the second or even third time.  These couples sometimes don’t want all the fuss and formality of a traditional marriage, they simply want to ‘get away’ and get married.


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Things to consider when planning intimate destination weddings:

  • If wanting a romantic castle winter wedding, remember that it could be very cold and you and your partner could feel very uncomfortable in your wedding attire, if it’s not warm enough or doesn’t include a matching shrug or top coat.
  • Do you want only close family/friends to come with you, or a larger wedding party?
  • Can all your guests afford the travelling expenses?
  • Can you afford to pay for your guests to travel?
  • Do you want to hold a second reception back home for friends and family that couldn’t travel with you?
  • Is privacy important to you? You will be surrounded by your guests for the whole duration of your wedding. Will you stay on longer for a separate honeymoon?


Remember that you will be inviting the guests to travel with you.  Most likely, the guests will be paying their own way and are essentially planning their entire vacation around your wedding.  Therefore, you should give considerable thought to what both you and your guests want to do before and after the wedding. Once you and your fiancé decide on how large you want your traveling party to be and if your guests can afford it, make sure to establish an understanding with your guests and wedding party if you want a few days of privacy.

In summary, Intimate destination weddings are becoming very popular and there are many travel agents who now specialize in these types of weddings and romantic venues all over the world can assist you in nearly all details of your special day from arrival to departure.

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