Super Fun- Superhero Wedding!


“Our wedding represented how we hope our marriage will be: full of fun, love, laughter and, of course, Superman!”   Katereal wedding, real wedding blog, whimsical wedding, wedding, wedding reception, wedding reception venue, wedding venue

Kate and Simon had one message for the Brympton House Styling Team, make our wedding FUN! The Bride and Groom knew they wanted a Superhero themed wedding but one that also reflected classic tradition and would be exciting and memorable for themselves and their guests; let me say, Brympton House did not disappoint!

With the littlest guests sporting superhero costumes, the cake bearing the emblems of well admired superheroes, and giant, inflatable, superhero wrestling on the sprawling lawn, this was one super fun, superhero wedding!

The Wedding

Choosing their venue was easy. From a selection of intimate and elegant ceremony and celebration spaces, to the 33 acres of parkland to play on, Brympton House had it all. Together with the in house Styling Team, Kate and Simon knew they could create the wedding of their dreams, and the planning began!


Brympton House is an historic and romantic medieval manor house, located in the rolling hills of Somerset. The Mansion, with its exquisite Tudor front, stands majestically among 33 stunning acres of parkland, a romantic walled garden, an orchard, a Japanese garden, a tennis court and a cricket pitch, so lots of choices as to pictures and numerous various spaces for every part of your special day.

Color Scheme & Decor

Rich and luscious shades of purple dominated this wedding decor! From lavender to fuchsia to indigo, colors popped off the handsome groom’s suit, the brides vibrant bouquet, the wedding party’s fashion, and every venue utilized in this lively celebration. Of course the natural setting of Brympton House’s lush green parkland with English summer blooms, was an important part of this vibrant yet traditional wedding.


“I love capturing the little moments, the candid ones when nobody thinks I’m looking; memories that may otherwise be forgotten. When it comes to photographing the bride and groom, I take my inspiration from the couple themselves; their personalities, the way they are with one another, how their love shines through.”   Martin Dabek Photography.

One of the most spectacular aspects of a Brympton House wedding are the photo opportunities! With the Historic, rustic chic buildings, and acres of gorgeous gardens and grounds, photographers have loads of opportunity to capture beautiful posed and spontaneous shots. Martin Dabek Photography did just that! The photos from Kate and Simon’s wedding, skilfully capture the fun, uniqueness of this wedding, as well as the couple’s obvious love for one another.

Check out this super fun Marryoke video by I Do Film Weddings! Could this wedding have been more fun?

real wedding, real wedding blog, whimsical wedding, wedding, wedding reception, wedding reception venue, wedding venueFlowers & Foliage

When it came to the flowers, much like their own relationship, Kate and Simon went bold and beautiful! The colorful florals for this wedding offered a wonderful contrast to the rustic, chic, stone and natural wood, Manor House construction.

The beautiful arrangements of vibrant purples mixed with softer, more subtle tones of blush, and stark, lush greenery, brought a liveliness to the traditional and sophisticated earthy decor.


For their Civil Ceremony, Kate and Simon chose the charming, Castle House. As the Bride and Groom said their “I dos”, Castle House glowed with the natural light of golden votives.  Draped with exquisite, rich, jewel toned florals, and vibrant, fuchsia mini bouquets hanging from deep indigo ribbons off the ends of the pews, Castle House was the perfect setting for the very first moments of husband and wife.

Guests dined together in the elegant light filled Ballroom which overlooks the grand lawn and lake. Conversation, laughter, and heartfelt toasts could be heard throughout. The Bride and Groom chose a wonderful menu to be prepared and professionally served by the inhouse caterers, and everyone enjoyed the excellent company and fine food.

The super fun day would continue into the night as guests let loose on the dance floor of the on site, Stables Bar!


The tables in the Ballroom were styled impeccably! Guest tables were dressed with centerpieces of tall, gold candelabras, topped with a rich, jewel toned floral garland, with a pop of deep, lush, green vine trailing down to the crisp white linen. Classic white china and polished silver cutlery, were met with accents of gold votives, completing the luxurious tablescapes. Beautiful tightly packed bouquets of vibrant fuschia, adorned the edge of the Bridal Table, while crystal vases of sprung bundles of fresh cut, dynamic, garden flowers sat atop the window sills. The juxtaposition of these wild pops of color against the stark white Ballroom palette was simply stunning.

Final Thoughts

This unique, Superhero-Super Fun, day ended with, laughter, good food, music for dancing late into the night and lots of smiles. The memory of this day is easily described with happy words like, romantic, quirky, traditional, elegant, and FUN!

Kate_Simon_Superhero-Wedding_SBS_024-600x900.jpg Kate_Simon_Superhero-Wedding_SBS_022-600x900.jpg Kate_Simon_Superhero-Wedding_027-1280x1920.jpg Kate_Simon_Superhero-Wedding_017-900x600.jpg Kate_Simon_Superhero-Wedding_SBS_014-1280x1920.jpg Kate_Simon_Superhero-Wedding_SBS_019-600x900.jpg Kate_Simon_Superhero-Wedding_024-900x600.jpg Kate_Simon_Superhero-Wedding_026-900x600.jpg Kate_Simon_Superhero-Wedding_006-900x600.jpg Kate_Simon_Superhero-Wedding_SBS_004-600x900.jpg Kate_Simon_Superhero-Wedding_003-900x600.jpg Kate_Simon_Superhero-Wedding_009-900x600.jpg Kate_Simon_Superhero-Wedding_007-900x600.jpg Kate_Simon_Superhero-Wedding_SBS_008-600x900.jpg Kate_Simon_Superhero-Wedding_SBS_007-600x900.jpg Kate_Simon_Superhero-Wedding_011-900x600.jpg Kate_Simon_Superhero-Wedding_022-900x600.jpg Kate_Simon_Superhero-Wedding_001-1280x1920.jpg Kate_Simon_Superhero-Wedding_015-1280x1920.jpg Kate_Simon_Superhero-Wedding_014-900x600.jpg Kate_Simon_Superhero-Wedding_019-900x600.jpg Kate_Simon_Superhero-Wedding_013-900x600.jpg Kate_Simon_Superhero-Wedding_016-900x600.jpg Kate_Simon_Superhero-Wedding_012-900x600.jpg Kate_Simon_Superhero-Wedding_020-900x600.jpg
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