Wedding Planning Ideas: Creating Family Traditions on Your Wedding Day

Wedding planning ideas come to many of us as young girls. Do you remember what is was like to be a little girl and dream of your wedding day?  How many of you pictured yourself in your mother’s dress or wearing your grandmother’s necklace from her wedding day?

Heirlooms can be anything from a bracelet to a handkerchief, but there is something to be said about that warm and fuzzy feeling that you get when you are finally able to participate in a tradition that has so much meaning to your family.  And "heirloom" doesn’t have to mean old, memories are always in the making, so why not start with you? Quality is the first thing that you need to look for in an item that could potentially be an heirloom.  Without quality construction, no item will last long enough to be in the family for generations to come.

Heirloom & Tradition Wedding Planning Ideas

Timelessness is another aspect to consider when searching for heirloom and tradition wedding planning ideas. hindu wedding planning, wedding planning ideas, destination wedding planning, asian wedding planning,When choosing items that you’d like to pass down to your children and grandchildren, avoid fads and trends. Instead choose classic elegance and pieces that will remain timeless. If you go for trendy items or fads, chances are, it will be a few generations before they will come back into style again and you want something that every generation of your family can treasure.

A very easy way to start a tradition that will stay in the family is with jewelry.  Do you know a woman who doesn’t own a piece of jewelry with a story behind it?  A good story is the start of a lasting heirloom. It’s a perfect place to begin. 

Just imagine yourself in 10 years, sitting on your couch with your daughter while you’re flipping through the photo album from your wedding day. In all of the photos, you are wearing a Diamond Three Point Necklace and a matching accent comb in your hair, they sparkle beautifully, and they are the finishing touch that really makes you a princess-for-a-day!

Now, imagine yourself in 30 years, standing with your daughter on her special day. Both of you are absolutely overwhelmed with anticipation for the events to come and cherishing every moment. You have tied each bow and buttoned each tiny button on her beautiful dress, she is almost ready to go down the aisle when you present her with the necklace that you wore on your big day and the matching comb that you dawned in your hair, and now, she is ready!

With these heirloom wedding planning ideas, you now see that heirloom doesn’t have to mean old, memories are always being made, and can start with you. Just remember quality is the most important thing when choosing an item to potentially be an heirloom.  With quality construction, any item will last long enough to be in the family for generations to come. You can make these moments happen starting today and lasting for a lifetime, not only for you but the people that you love the most!

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