Wonderful Wedding Planning Tips from A Celebrity Event Planner

Want a wedding to remember? Then say "I do" to the wedding planning tips and advice of the person who created dream weddings for clients such as Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale and Trista and Ryan from "The Bachelorette." She is well-known for creating Weddings, Parties and Baby Showers for clients including: Fergie & Josh Duhamel, Ellen Degeneres & Portia Rossi, Jessica Simpson, Lala and Carmelo Anthony, Serena Williams, Russell Wilson and Ciara, Nicole Richie and Joel Madden, Heidi Klum, Pink and Sofia Vagara and Joe Manganiello. Event planner Mindy Weiss is happy to help you create the wedding or event of your dreams! As an industry expert with over 20 years’ experience, Mindy Weiss offers some of her favorite ideas for creating a once-in-a-lifetime event and a one-of-a-kind newlywed home.

Wedding Planning Tips & Ideas

Registering for Gifts

Give guests lots of choices and price ranges. To make it easier on yourself, wear comfortable shoes and clothes when choosing your gifts. Take along some water and snacks. If your fiancé doesn't want to be involved, do most of the legwork yourself and re-invite him once you've narrowed down the choices. Let him be the one to wield the scanner that logs in your selections!

Personalize Your Registry

Let the registry reflect your personality and style. Think about your entertaining style and develop plans around that. If formal is your style, consider place settings as a good option along with stemware and silverware. If you're a novice cook, think about a good stainless-steel cookware set. If you're an aspiring gourmet, consider the performance of hard anodized, tri-ply stainless.

The CakeWedding Planning Tips

Get personal! Give each guest his or her own miniature wedding cake or cupcake, a work of art to win over the toughest critic. Have a larger cake created so you can have the fun of slicing it. If you're on a budget, stick to cupcakes. Add a special touch with your monogram, a special flower or color that makes the guests think of you two.


Take a cue from nature. An "unkempt garden" is a popular look with tall centerpieces overflowing with beautiful flowers, branches and leaves. Candles all over the table are a great way to give the room a warm, inviting finish. The idea is to make your guests feel as if they've entered a beautiful garden.


Newlywed Home Tips & Ideas

Home Decor

Don't forget to feather the nest before leaving for your honeymoon. When registering for gifts, recommends signing up for timeless pieces in whites and neutrals with pops of color. Add trend items through decorative accessories such as toss pillows and throws that can be inexpensively changed seasonally.

Living and Dining Space

Consider dazzling classic whites and don’t forget comfort is key. Look for comfort in seating with sectionals made to fit your space, layered with decorative pillows in classic whites with deep accent colors. Table linens, plates, glassware and flatware should all be traditional in style but with a personality that reflects the both of you. Let the color come alive in the food and flowers.

The Bedroom

In the bedroom think affordable luxury and focus on creating a private retreat. Layer beds with a down comforter, duvet cover and plenty of pillows. Mix decorative pillows of different shapes and textures with tone-on-tone color and touches of white.

The Bathroom

Personalize it and make it yours. Add color and personality to the bathroom, you could monogram your bathrobes, towels and guest towels.

The Kitchen

Focus on function and design, be sure to equip yourself. Take an inventory of what you own and take this opportunity to upgrade your existing appliances. Remember that technology has changed how these tools perform. The hottest items are hot beverage systems, grill pans and stand mixers. The hottest trend is making your kitchen have the look of a commercial kitchen. Start with stainless-steel appliances and add some personality with colored appliances and the latest in kitchen gadgets.

The Outdoors

Bring the indoors al fresco and think outside the house. Place some cable knit throws in baskets on outdoor seating to create a cozy conversation area. Remembering to include something for every room in your home when you register can make it even sweeter to return from your honeymoon.

If you want a wedding to remember, the wedding planning tips and advice of industry expert, Mindy Weiss offer creative ideas for a once-in-a-lifetime event and a one-of-a-kind newlywed home. You’re making a life with your finance so don’t forget to include items that reflect both of your styles in your home and life in the registry. Start personalizing your home through thoughtful and stylized registry choices. Get personal at the wedding and in your new home, make it yours!

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